About Us

Our Story

SHEMROCK Little Stars – Moga City is a member of SHEMROCK family, which is a huge brand name in the preschool market. It has a wide network of more than 650 preschools across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It bagged away many awards and accolades which is a mark of its unmatched prestige in the education sector. Furthermore, it has been leading the preschool industry for the past 30 years.

Our Distinguished Curriculum

We have a child-oriented curriculum designed by the leading educationists to deliver the best learning experience to children. We promote ‘learning by doing’ methodology to give them hands-on experience for an effective concept building. Moreover, the activities planned are age-appropriate, target the overall development in children and ignite their curiosity and creativity.

Know More About Us

We welcome all your queries. Visit our school to know more about us, our learning environment and our facilities. You can call us or visit us directly.